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Thus an Emperours Wife is stiled Empress, and a Kings, Queen, and a Prince 's, the Princess, and Illustrious, though they are never so meanly descended. But methinks I hear some whispering, That all this makes more against than for Women, and tends rather to their infamy, than praise. If strength alone must give the pre-eminence, let Men give place to their Horses, confess their Oxen their Masters, and pay homage to Elephants. Nor is this sure any mean or vulgar honour, but meriting the greatest regard, to surpass Men in that, wherein Man himself chiefly excells other Creatures. Nor can Death it self rifle them of this modest bashfulness; for when drowned, as Pliny relates, and Experience proves they lye in the Water with their Faces downwards, Nature sparing their Modesty ; whereas a Man in such case swims on his back, exposing all his shame and nakedness to publick view.

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But that's probably just because my personal fetish is being respected as an adult.

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Why Women Like to Call Men 'Daddy' During Sex

Austin, can tell us with what a divine spirit the Sybils were inspired: While researching this story, I could tell my personal biases were getting in the way. We are more easily sway'd by patterns, than by precepts: Such and so many obligations should not methinks be so easily cancelled, nor such courtesies forgotten, much less so injuriously remembred, as to be repaid with causeless detraction, and immerited invectives. Newsletters are the new newsletters.

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