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This chick has always been an attention seeking whore and she looks 7: So I have been masturbating for a while but never reached a climax, I was really only doing it because it was what I was told was normal, but I never felt anything at all, it was just as much joy as one gets rubbing their hand. Try it in the shower the next time and just let it flow out. I have been trying to get an orgasm for the past few years, but have unsuccessful. Check out the Orgasm Guide for help. Anal sex with showerhead gets me off.

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I start of slow just breathing out of my mouth and just work my way up to going really fast, and then i start to twitch a bunch involuntarily, and it feels so good. How many of you ladies masterbate with your fingers. Been single for a year and now learning to do this on my own to no avail. I start of by taking all of my clothes off then i sit on the floor, hold on to the door knobs and grind on my door it sounds weird but it feels really good then i just lie on my back and start to rub my clit really hard, when it starts to feel really good i move on for a little bit and hump a bunch of pillows stacked on eachother and i grind for a really really long time because it feels AMAZING. Janis and her Showerhead masturbation. On the weekends I would stay up for hours giving myself orgasms. Before we start, I wanted to let you know that I recorded a podcast on the 20 intense masturbation techniques you need to know for having powerful orgasms.

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