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In MTAC, as Ziva sleepily tells Tony or her little hairy butt that she heard that, Jenny smiles, amused before taking a sip from her coffee cup. As he arrives into the Bullpen, Gibbs remarks that he thought Doctors weren't supposed to prescribe alcohol anymore. Special Agent-in-Charge. For centuries, lavender has been seen as having numerous medicinal properties. Also include details about your sleep schedule, diet, and exercise regimen.

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Tony sits there, still bloodied from the punches Cord gave him and defiant while Ziva sits there, stunned at the huge gamble that Tony is taking.

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Just like warm clothing, having your bedroom thermostat set too high can also cause you to sweat at night and interrupt your sleep. French entrepreneur claims UK singletons need a little more 'sparkle In the hotel room, Tony asks Cord if he knows what's funny with Tony stating that he was really looking forward to having a kid there for a minute and that's a big step for him- having a little DiNozzo. Once he's tossed the jacket aside, Cord picks up the dagger and as he approaches the table, he tells Tony that they like to call them "little white lies". Put your sheets in fridge and DON'T sleep naked!

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